Discover New Design Ideas with Design Sparks

Design Sparks is an innovative AI-based web-app developed by CebAI - The National Centre for Creativity enabled by AI. This free tool combines established creative problem-solving techniques with AI to generate design ideas and sparks for various use cases.


  • AI-Based Idea Generation: Utilizes AI to generate design ideas and sparks based on user input.
  • Multiple Input Options: Supports input through typing, pasting links, or uploading PDFs.
  • Save and Browse Ideas: Allows users to save generated sparks and browse through them for future use.
  • Customization and Focus: Enables users to click on topics, generate more ideas from specific sparks, and adjust topic settings to analyze different themes.
  • Creative Problem-Solving Techniques: Offers a selection of established creative problem-solving techniques to guide the idea generation process.
  • Interactive Prompts and Insights: Provides interactive creativity prompts, curated knowledge, and insights to enhance the user experience and offer valuable guidance for design projects.

Use Cases:

Design Sparks is ideal for service, product, UX/UI designers, and stakeholders seeking new ideas and perspectives for their design projects. Individuals looking to enhance their creative problem-solving skills and generate innovative design concepts will also find this tool helpful. Additionally, organizations and teams interested in fostering creativity, productivity, and critical thinking among their workforce can benefit from using Design Sparks. Try Design Sparks today and start generating fresh design ideas with the power of AI!