Gladia: The AI-Powered Audio Intelligence Tool for Businesses

Gladia is a free, AI-powered audio intelligence tool that offers a diverse range of features related to audio tranion, translation, and audio intelligence add-ons, all accessible through a single API. It enables businesses to unleash the real potential of their audio data by providing quick, precise, and reliable ways to convert raw enterprise data into valuable business knowledge.

Key Features:

  • AI Tranion: Get access to highly accurate audio and video tranion for various use cases, including speaker diarization.
  • Audio Intelligence API: Extract enriched audio data and leverage hidden insights for analysis, tranion, translation, and security of audio data within a single platform.
  • Add-On Features: Access a library of audio intelligence add-ons, such as word-level timestamp, sentiment analysis, and summarization to enhance your data.
  • All-Developer Compatibility: The API is compatible with all tech stacks and requires no AI expertise or setup costs.
  • Data Security: Ensure 100% safety of all data in compliance with EU and US privacy regulations.
  • Scalability: Benefit from pay-as-you-go scalability to meet growing demands.


  • Transform raw enterprise data into valuable business knowledge.
  • Access highly accurate audio and video tranion services.
  • Uncover hidden insights in audio data using the Audio Intelligence API.
  • Enhance tranion data with additional features like sentiment analysis.
  • Easily integrate the API with any tech stack, requiring no AI expertise.
  • Secure your data with stringent EU and US privacy regulations.

Additional Features:

Gladia can be used in virtual meetings, workspace collaboration, content/media, and call centers, providing insight-based call trans to enhance customer experience and compliance.