ImageCreator is an AI plugin for Adobe Photoshop designed to enhance the image creation process. It offers advanced AI models and features such as TXT2IMG, IMG2IMG, Fill, and ControlNet, enabling creatives to generate high-quality images with ease.

Top Features of ImageCreator

  • TXT2IMG: Generate images based on text prompts using AI models.
  • IMG2IMG: Transform existing images using AI models for artistic effects and transformations.
  • Fill: Intelligently fill in missing or incomplete areas of images using AI algorithms.
  • ControlNet: Customize and fine-tune AI models and outputs for precise control.
  • Seamless Integration: Works as a professional plugin within Adobe Photoshop.
ImageCreator is a valuable tool for artists and designers seeking to generate high-quality images based on text prompts or apply artistic styles and transformations to existing images using AI models. It also allows for the restoration and enhancement of old or damaged photos using AI-powered Fill function. Fine-tuning and customization of AI models can be done to achieve specific artistic effects seamlessly into Adobe Photoshop workflow. With ImageCreator, artists and designers can take their image creation to the next level.