Lumina: The AI-Powered Research Suite for Scientific Literature

Lumina is an AI-powered research suite that allows researchers, scholars, and students to easily discover and understand scientific literature. Its chat feature enables users to interact with a vast collection of documents and obtain accurate and well-cited responses to their queries. With approximately 200,000 papers across different subject areas, Lumina's expanding database is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the exploration of scientific literature.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Research Suite: Allow users to easily discover, research, and understand scientific literature.
  • Chat Feature: Engage in conversations with a collection of documents for queries and information.
  • Cited Responses: Provide accurate responses backed by citations from scientific papers.
  • Relevant References: Generate a list of relevant references for further exploration.
  • Expanding Database: Include approximately 200,000 papers across different subject areas.
  • User Requests: Accept requests for adding specific journals or subjects to the database.

Use Cases

  • Research Assistance: Seek assistance in understanding and researching scientific literature.
  • Task Support: Obtain guidance and help with tasks such as writing abstracts or experiment procedures.
  • Concept Comprehension: Get explanations and insights to better comprehend complex scientific concepts.
  • Literature Exploration: Discover relevant open-access references for further exploration.
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