OpenChat is an AI-based tool developed by OpenChat that allows users to effortlessly create custom chatbots akin to ChatGPT, for various integrations, to cater to their website visitors' needs without any coding requirements. Its open-source chatbot console helps users manage and deploy chatbots easily. The salient features of OpenChat are its code-free chatbot creation, ability to embed and share the chatbots easily on any platform, and the open-source chatbot console. Advanced language models empower this tool's powerful crawlers and LLMs to ensure that the crawled data is transformed into knowledge. This AI tool has diverse applications as it can be used for customer support, private tutoring, internal knowledge bases, personal libraries, and even for training chatbots on specific data such as legal documents or domain-specific contents for specialized applications. OpenChat offers live demos to showcase the possibilities of this versatile tool in just a few minutes. By using OpenChat, users can create customized chatbots for various purposes effortlessly.