Petalica Paint is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool designed by PetalicaPaint that revolutionizes the colorization process for digital artists. With its advanced technology, Petalica Paint streamlines and enhances rough sketches while providing color hints to guide the colorization process. This innovative tool offers automatic colorization using AI technology, allowing for effortless adding of colors to sketches. The refined stroke simplification feature enables users to extract and polish their strokes, granting greater control and customization. Discover three distinct colorization styles, namely "Tanpopo," "Satsuki," and "Canna," at your disposal to experiment and explore diverse aesthetics. Seamlessly integrated with Pixiv Sketch, the preferred platform for artists, Petalica Paint ensures a user-friendly experience. Rest easy knowing that our tool adheres strictly to clear guidelines and prioritizes user privacy with our comprehensive Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Whether you're a digital artist seeking an efficient colorization process, a sketch artist wishing to refine your rough sketches, or an illustrator/designer interested in different colorization styles, Petalica Paint is here to empower you. Experience artistry at its finest with Petalica Paint.