Resume Reviewer is an AI-powered tool that offers advanced features for analyzing job applicants' resumes and assessing their suitability for a specific position. By uploading their resume and selecting the desired job, users receive a comprehensive report within seconds. This report highlights areas that need improvement, increasing the chances of securing an interview. The tool leverages machine learning algorithms to assess the suitability of a resume for a specific job. Users also receive valuable feedback on keywords, skills, work experience, and education level, along with recommendations for further resume optimization. Objective uation of resumes is a benefit of this tool. It highlights areas of strength and improvement, making it easier to optimize resumes and streamline the process. This tool is designed to align resumes with the requirements of a specific job opening, enhancing the chances of securing an interview. It is a valuable tool for job seekers, offering fast and convenient AI-powered technology that optimizes resumes and increases the chances of success.