RightJoin is a powerful AI Tool designed to help data scientists excel in their job interviews. With its extensive list of features, RightJoin offers a customized learning experience to its users. The tool provides tailored mock interviews for specific companies, real-time feedback on answers, and goal-setting options to improve interview skills. Additionally, RightJoin offers unlimited practice sessions, personalized question selection, and interview retakes to ensure comprehensive preparation. RightJoin helps data scientists to refine their abilities by practicing with the tools' tailored mock interviews. The AI-powered feedback mechanism instantly assesses and provides feedback on each answer provided by the user. A detailed performance report is available, which caters to assessment of overall performance. Additionally, users can set specific goals for improvement, focus on areas that require improvement, and boost their confidence to achieve their desired data science job. RightJoin caters to several use cases, including interview preparation, instant feedback, goal setting, unlimited practice sessions, and interview retakes. With comprehensive features, the tool empowers data scientists to enhance their interview preparation, thus increasing their chances of success in securing their desired data science job.