Roll: The Next-Generation AI Video Platform

Roll is a powerful tool that brings professional-level video production to the masses. With features covering everything from capture to post-production, Roll is your comprehensive tool for creating stunning and engaging video content.

Key Features

  • Cinema-Level Image Quality: Achieve professional studio image quality from your smartphone, including HDR and anamorphic view.
  • Podcast-Level Audio Quality: Intelligent noise cancellation and high bitrate audio capture for a natural, crisp conversation experience.
  • Special Effects Suite: Create multicam shots with bokeh finishes, implement studio camera effects, and add visual elements like lower thirds and headlines with ease.
  • Auto-Edits: Roll's AI takes over the editing process, producing a multi-camera video shortly after shooting.
  • Roll Editor: Convenient, text-based video editor with auto-tranion and real-time team collaboration.
  • Multiformat Publishing: Directly publish videos to any social media platform, automatically reformatted for the right aspect ratio.

Uses Cases

  • Recording high-quality video podcasts with cinema-level image and podcast-level audio quality.
  • Creating engaging customer testimonials, executive interviews, and more with professional studio effects.
  • Eliminating the need for complex editing software or costly editors with Roll's Auto-Edits.
  • Real-time collaboration with your team during post-production using the Roll Editor.
  • Publishing videos directly to various social media platforms with automatic reformatting.
With Roll, you have the power to fundamentally transform your video production process. Roll's cutting-edge technology simplifies and streamlines the capture-to-publish process, allowing you to create professional-grade videos faster, cheaper, and with more flexibility than ever before.