Tability is a robust goal setting and tracking platform, designed by Tability, that empowers businesses to effectively set and achieve their objectives. With its AI-powered features and seamless integrations with various apps, Tability streamlines the process of managing goals and provides valuable insights.
Key features of Tability include:
  • Integrations: Connect to multiple apps and effortlessly sync goals across different systems.
  • AI-Assisted Goal Setting: Receive AI suggestions to enhance goal definition by recommending key metrics and tasks.
  • Automated Progress Tracking: Track progress in real-time by seamlessly integrating data points.
  • Contextualization of Goals: Add context to numerical metrics for better comprehension and productive discussions.
  • Resources and Guides: Gain access to a wide range of OKR resources, success metrics, examples, and more.
  • Easy Setup and No Credit Card Required: Enjoy a quick and hassle-free onboarding process without the need for credit card information.
Tability assists businesses across various use cases, including:
  • Efficient goal setting and tracking across multiple apps and systems.
  • AI-powered suggestions for optimizing goal definition by recommending key metrics and tasks.
  • Automated progress tracking through real-time data integration.
  • Encouraging collaboration and meaningful conversations around goals through contextualization.
  • Access to essential resources and guides for enhancing goal setting and execution.
Choose Tability for their AI-assisted goal setting, progress tracking, and contextualization features to empower your business.