Talpa AI-powered Library Search Tool | Accurate & Reliable Results

Looking for a search tool that provides you with accurate and trustworthy bibliographic data for books and other media? Enter Talpa, an innovative AI-powered library search tool designed to help library users, librarians, and developers find the information they need quickly and easily. With Talpa, you can count on:
  • AI-powered search that understands user queries.
  • Authentic and authoritative data from Bowker, Syndetics Unbound, and LibraryThing.
  • Library collection prioritization for easy access to relevant holdings.
  • Configurability and integration with websites and platforms.
  • Continuous improvement based on user feedback.
Whether you're a library user, librarian, developer, or researcher, Talpa Search can provide you with the tools you need to explore the capabilities and limitations of AI in the library search domain. So why wait? Try Talpa today and experience accurate and reliable search results with the power of AI.