Waifu2x is an innovative AI-powered image processing tool that uses advanced deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for single-image super resolution of anime-style art. This versatile tool is not only dedicated to the enhancement of anime-style art but also supports the processing of regular photographs, making it perfect for image editing tasks. Waifu2x offers two models: JPEGQuality and GrainNoiseLevel. The JPEGQuality model predicts the JPEG quality of compressed images, assisting users in determining optimal levels of compression. In contrast, the GrainNoiseLevel model predicts the noise level of photographs and estimates peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) degraded by noise, consequently identifying and filtering out low-quality images with high levels of noise. The CLI tools offer an effective and efficient way to process images by filtering out low-quality images based on the supported models, making it easier to manage image datasets. With Waifu2x, users can upscale low-resolution images while preserving and enhancing visual details, making it the perfect solution for artists, designers, and anyone working with anime-style artwork or low-quality images. Try Waifu2x today and upgrade your artwork to a whole new level.