WriteMage is a versatile AI tool designed to boost productivity and enhance user interactions across different applications on macOS and iOS devices. This innovative app offers native integration with these platforms, providing a context-aware assistant that seamlessly integrates into user workflows, delivering relevant answers based on context. With WriteMage's unique chat GPT integration, users can overcome platform limitations and streamline their workflows. In addition, its local chat history feature saves chat history locally, making it easy for users to continue conversations from where they left off. WriteMage offers two subion options. The Basic Subion includes support for two macOS devices, WriteMage iOS keyboard, and an option to provide your API key with no word limit. The Personal Subion doubles the macOS device allowance, includes API support, and offers 750,000 words per month. Whether you're a professional or a creative seeking to improve efficiency and productivity on Apple devices, WriteMage is the perfect solution for you. With its powerful features, context-aware assistance, and seamless integration, WriteMage is the ultimate AI app for enhancing productivity in various applications.