Yass.ai - AI-powered tool for data summarization

Yass.ai is a free AI-powered tool that helps you extract concise insights from various sources like videos, audios, and news streams. With flexible input sources and customizable summaries, Yass provides efficient knowledge extraction and decision-making.


  • Supports a variety of input sources, including live television news, live radio news, YouTube videos, news articles, and more.
  • Users can shape the summaries based on user prompts and selected input sources.
  • User-friendly interface for efficient knowledge extraction and decision-making.
  • Utilizes the advanced language model for accurate and coherent summarization.

Use cases:

  • Stay informed with the latest news and current events by summarizing live television news, radio news, and news articles.
  • Extract key takeaways from videos, such as educational content, conference presentations, or training sessions.
  • Uncover insights and important information from audio content, including podcasts, interviews, and recordings.
  • Efficiently summarize market data, social media updates, and other streaming data sources to extract relevant insights.
Yass.ai provides users with a powerful tool to navigate and extract meaningful insights from the vast amount of available streaming data.