Assist GPT is an AI-powered chatbot platform that allows website owners to create custom-trained chatbots based on their websites' content. By using the power of GPT-3 technology, Assist GPTs' chatbots can chat with website visitors in a natural, conversational way, providing accurate and relevant responses to their questions. The platform offers various plans with different chatbot and website page limits to fit every user's needs, including a free plan. Users can train their chatbots with URLs of their website's content, and the chatbots will adjust to changes in content over time. Moreover, Assist GPT provides a 'retrain' button that allows users to update their chatbot's training data after content changes. The website also offers an embed code to easily add the chatbot to a website. Users have complete access to their chatbot's conversations and interactions, and the platform provides valuable insights based on the chatbots' history, including the most frequently asked questions and areas where the chatbots struggled to answer. Regardless of the language of the website, the chatbot will provide accurate and relevant responses to questions in any language, thereby creating a truly international and engaging experience for all website visitors.