AudioNotes is an AI-powered tool designed to make voice-to-text conversion seamless and efficient. It enables users to capture, transcribe, summarize, and generate content from voice-based notes. The main features include:

Capture or Upload Audio Recordings

Users can capture audio from their device or upload recorded audio files.

Upto 60 Mins Per Voice Note

AudioNotes supports up to 60 mins of audio notes based on the user's plan.

Get Summaries & Tran

The app provides high-quality trans and effective summaries for voice notes.

Save & Tag Your Notes

Users can save unlimited notes (depending on the plan), tag notes, and easily search through their voice notes library.

Generate High Quality Content

AudioNotes can generate high-quality content from voice notes optimized for platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, Blogs, and even use custom prompts.

Share with Friends

The app allows easy sharing of voice notes and summaries with friends who use the app.