Avoma 3.0 is the only AI Meeting Lifecycle Assistant that redefines the way people collaborate in meetings. Avoma automates and enhances the note-taking process during meetings using advanced AI algorithms, allowing you to focus more on the conversation and less on the mechanics of note-taking. With Avoma, you can generate human-like meeting notes that capture all the relevant details without any manual effort, and save more than 10 minutes per meeting in repetitive manual work. Avoma also provides meeting insights, including the ability to recognize a lot more topics from your conversations based on more accurate trans and notes, making it easy to keep track of every meeting, function, and use case. With multi-language tranion support for more than 20 languages, Avoma also strives to create a searchable knowledge base for all your conversations, allowing you to access information in the language you are most comfortable in. Moreover, Avoma allows you to schedule 1:1 meetings, meetings with a group of people, or automate round-robin routing with just a few clicks, reducing scheduling errors and no-shows. Avoma also offers objective scorecards for coaching your team and improving desired outcomes across all meetings by establishing quality criteria for different types of conversations and objectively scoring those conversations. Additionally, Avoma provides enterprise-grade revenue intelligence for SMB and mid-market, including conversation intelligence, coaching, and managing deal risks, making it one of the best meeting tools for sales leaders, sales enablement, SDR leaders, AEs, CS leaders, and marketers. With real-time Slack alerts for key terms and phrases mentioned in your calls and meetings, Avoma allows you to receive notifications on your Slack channel without ever missing a beat. In summary, Avoma 3.0 is an essential AI Tool for note-taking, meeting insights, scheduling, coaching, and real-time alerts, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to become more productive during meetings.