Bestflights.ai is an AI-powered flight-related query tool developed by Bestflights. This tool utilizes natural language processing and machine learning techniques to provide personalized results to answer specific flight-related questions, taking into account parameters like travel dates, destination, fare, fastest route, and mileage. Additionally, Bestflights.ai searches the internet, including multiple airlines and online travel websites, for the best flight deals. Currently in its test phase, the tool provides users with early access. Bestflights.ai simplifies travel planning by generating personalized itineraries based on various parameters, saving users' time and money. It is not clear whether the tool is free or paid, but the company assures users that their privacy is safeguarded, and directs them to their privacy policy page. Users can type in relevant information on the platform to find answers to their queries instantly. With its numerous use cases, Bestflights.ai has become a go-to tool for travelers who seek to simplify travel-related activities.