Boxy is an AI coding assistant tool developed by


, designed to improve coding productivity and speed. It operates as an intuitive companion in the CodeSandbox environment, providing contextual code explanations, generation, and refactoring features. Boxy's key features include:

  • Contextual Code Explanations: Boxy provides detailed explanations and insights into code segments, helping developers understand the functionality and purpose of their code.
  • Code Generation and Refactoring: Boxy generates code snippets tailored to the specific context within CodeSandbox, minimizing manual work and speeding up development.
  • Automatic Commit Messages: Boxy suggests automatic and meaningful commit messages, simplifying version control and improving workflow processes.
  • Bug Identification and Security Enhancement: Boxy helps identify potential bugs and enhance code security, ensuring the quality and reliability of the software.
  • Optional AI Features: Access to Boxy's AI capabilities is optional and available to CodeSandbox Pro subscribers, allowing users to choose whether to utilize the AI assistant.
  • Chat DevTool: Boxy offers a chat DevTool to provide valuable insights, suggestions, and optimization tips during the coding process.

Boxy is a valuable AI coding assistant for developers using CodeSandbox, providing contextual explanations, code generation, refactoring, and optimization features.