Builder.ai is a platform that allows businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to create custom applications and turn their app ideas into a reality. This award-winning app development platform uses AI to automate the process of building and launching enterprise-level applications in weeks, instead of months or years. With Builder.ai, users have access to a suite of products, including Builder Studio, Studio Store, Builder Now, Studio Rapid, Builder Cloud, and Builder Care. Builder Studio allows users to create their own custom apps and own all the code, while Studio Store sells ready-to-go apps that enable users to sell products and services online. Builder Now enables users to turn their app ideas into working prototypes, and Studio Rapid allows users to build and launch enterprise apps in weeks. Builder Cloud provides users with cloud services at a significantly lower cost, and Builder Care keeps users' apps fresh and up-to-date with constant fixes and updates.

Builder.ai's use of AI helps streamline the app-building process by automating several key components. For instance, its AI can analyze users' input to determine the best technology stack to use based on the available budget and desired features. The AI can also predict how long it will take to develop an app and provide an estimated budget. Builder.ai also has an AI-powered chatbot that assists users with the app-building process, helping them strategize, design, build, and launch their apps with ease.

Overall, Builder.ai makes the app-building process faster, cheaper, and more efficient, allowing businesses and entrepreneurs to focus on their core competencies and leave the app-building to the experts.