Builder.io: The AI-driven Visual CMS and Headless CMS

Builder.io is an AI-driven Visual CMS and Headless CMS, designed for developers and marketers to create and manage their digital experiences. With Builder.io, you can enjoy the benefits of both a Visual CMS and a Headless CMS to build stunning, high-performing websites and applications with ease.

AI Section Generation

Builder.io's AI Section Generation feature allows you to create sections for your website or application in a matter of seconds. Simply provide a prompt and style, and Builder.io's AI generator will create a stunning design to match your requirements.

AI Edits

Using AI Edits, you can transform your existing content in a few simple steps. Whether you want to add buttons, edit text or translate it to another language, Builder.io's AI Edits feature enables you to make these changes in seconds without relying on a visual editor or coding.

AI Mini-App Generation

Builder.io's AI Mini-App Generation feature enables you to prototype and build a variety of mini applications, including joke generators, calculators, and gift guides, with minimal effort using Builder.io's AI capabilities.

Using Builder.io, developers and marketers can easily generate code for React, Qwik, Vue, and other frameworks using Builder.io's open-source project, Mitosis.