CanceledGPT is an innovative AI tool that helps users maintain a positive and inclusive online presence. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily search for and review potentially offensive tweets on their Twitter profile. The key features of CanceledGPT include:

  • Tweet Search: Search for potentially harmful tweets on your Twitter profile.
  • Trending Searches: Access a list of trending searches to identify common problematic language.
  • Date Range Selection: Select a specific date range for the tweet search to review past tweets thoroughly.
  • Revise or Delete Tweets: Modify the language of potentially harmful tweets or delete them entirely.
  • Expose Tweets: Hold yourself or others accountable by exposing tweets to demonstrate personal growth and learning.

Whether you're an individual looking to maintain a positive online presence, a social media user committed to inclusive language, or simply looking to revise or delete past tweets with potentially problematic language, CanceledGPT is the AI tool for you. It's free to use and empowers users to review and revise their tweets to align with positive values.