ChapterGPT is a game-changing AI tool that is designed to help content creators in creating timestamp chapters for their videos and podcasts at an amazing speed, which otherwise would take hours of their time, effort and money. It lets you focus on what you do best - creating quality content. ChapterGPT has many key features that make it stand out, including generating SEO-friendly chapters that can increase content discoverability up to 25%. It offers a superhuman-like user-friendly tool that is simple and easy to use for creating, editing, and publishing your chapters to YouTube and podcast platforms. Multiple integrations, such as YouTube and RSS feeds, are also available, with many more integrations like Spotify, Google & Apple Podcasts, Wistia, and others in the pipeline. The tool is an ideal solution for video and podcast creators who want to enhance their user experience, improve content discoverability and save hundreds in both time and money. Additionally, enterprises can benefit from indexing their knowledge base for easy access and providing their employees with an interactive and immersive learning experience. Influencers, aiming to grow their viewership and reach a wider audience, can also leverage the benefits of ChapterGPT.