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Making NLP part of every developer's toolkit

Harness the power of language understanding. Join the developers and businesses who are using Cohere to generate, categorize and organize text at a scale that was previously unimaginable.

Integrate large language models into your builds

We’ve built a platform that can be used in different libraries that fit in every stack. No matter what your experience of ML is, get started by visiting our Playground or reading our documentation.

Our Products


Organize information at a gargantuan scale. Give Classify labels to bucket text into, then set it to work across tasks like content moderation or chatbot responses

Typical use cases:

  • - Intent recognition
  • - Topic classification
  • - Sentiment analysis
  • - Content moderation
  • - Support ticket routing


Picture a large language model that can be used to write or summarize copy for just about any other application you can think of. That’s Generate.

Typical use cases:

  • - Writing product deions
  • - Writing blog posts
  • - Writing ad creative
  • - Article summarization
  • - Spelling, grammar correction
  • - Entity extraction


Imagine tasking AI to read every single Reddit post about your company, then plot it into an easy-to-understand graph. You can do that, and more, with Embed.

Typical use cases:

  • - Semantic search
  • - Topic modeling
  • - Recommendations