Contlo.ai - Your Personal AI Marketer

Contlo.ai is a personal AI marketing assistant designed to help you manage and execute your marketing tasks efficiently via chat. This innovative tool offers a wide range of services, including:

1. Send email & SMS campaigns via chat

Contlo.ai assists you with end-to-end campaign management, including generating subject lines, headers, CTAs, creating text copies for SMS and Emails, scheduling campaigns, setting up cross-channel automation flows, and running A/B testing.

2. Manage audience using natural language

This AI tool allows you to create behavior-based customer segments, upload and manage manual lists, and export and manage customer data using a "what you type is what you get" approach.

3. Analytics and business insights

Contlo.ai replaces complex analytics dashboards with concise data delivery, providing channel-wise campaign performance, business growth and revenue intelligence, and inventory and product sales insights.

4. Social media marketing

Manage everything from designing creatives for multiple platforms to performance marketing in a single chat, including scheduling social media posts, setting goals and conversion targets, and creating and managing paid ads on Facebook and Google.

5. SEO-optimized content creation

Contlo.ai helps you write long-form articles, manage SEO, and publish content directly on your CMS. It provides keyword research, structured content outlines, and relevant topic suggestions, ensuring 100% plagiarism-free and original content.

6. Extended AI marketing team powered by Autonomous AI Agents

Boost your productivity by employing task-specific AI agents specialized in certain marketing activities, allowing for continuous improvement through self-learning feedback loops. šŸš€ Contlo.ai enables users to get their marketing tasks done more effectively by simply chatting with the AI.