🤖 Copilot4dating is an AI-powered tool designed to help users master the art of flirting, spark connections, and ignite chemistry by providing real-time conversational assistance. Users need to install the Copilot4dating browser extension and sign in to their Tinder, WhatsApp, or WeChat account. Once connected, the AI analyzes the conversation and suggests engaging topics, icebreakers, and responses. With the help of an AI-driven character analysis of the match, users can gain a better understanding of their personality and conversation style.

🔒 Copilot4dating assures users of their privacy and security, stating that they do not store personal data, share it with third parties, or disclose it beyond what necessary to provide the intended functionality. The tool utilizes the OpenAI API to generate conversation suggestions and analyze messages, and shares only the necessary data with OpenAI.

💬 Copilot4dating currently works with WhatsApp and WeChat, with plans to expand compatibility and support more dating apps and websites. The tool offers a free and two premium plans, each with varying features and benefits, to choose from.

👨‍💻 To install the Copilot4dating extension, users need to follow specific steps, such as opening Chrome, enabling "Developer mode," and dragging and dropping the downloaded .crx file onto the extensions page. Further information on installation and other FAQs can be found on the website.