Doogle AI

Create actionable Quests (forms, checklists, workflows, and recipes) to get anything done with a single prompt.

Run through the Quests as often as you like, or assign them to somebody you know.

Attach cash rewards (payout, gift card, donation funds) for others to complete your Quest(s) for you.

With Doogle, the versatile AI tool, users can effortlessly accomplish their tasks through its intelligent intent recognition system. Upon receiving a user's input, Doogle either generates a personalized Quest or seamlessly connects them to the most suitable AI or service for task completion. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Doogle streamlines the process, determining the user's intent and identifying the ideal service for their needs.

As a meta AI, Doogle not only directs users based on their intent but also actively prepares tasks in other AI services, ensuring a continuous and efficient workflow. This eliminates the need for users to repeat themselves, enhancing their overall experience and productivity.