Dreamcard.ai is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that enables users to create personalized postcards using their own images and a collection of pre-designed presets. With its advanced AI technology, the tool processes uploaded photos and automatically generates a variety of hand-crafted preset images for users to choose from. Its key features include an AI-powered preset generator that curates a list of preset images based on the uploaded photos, automatic image processing that selects the appropriate aspect ratio, crops the image, and formats the front and back of the postcard, and a global delivery service that prints and delivers postcards worldwide in a short timeframe. In addition, the platform rewards users with credits for continuous image generation through its credit system. Dreamcard.ai offers high-quality results through its utilization of AI-generated printable art and state-of-the-art upscaling algorithms for high-quality images. Future features planned for the platform include the ability to draw someone onto the card, support for different card types, and wall posters. Dreamcard.ai is the perfect solution for individuals seeking to send personalized postcards to loved ones, those interested in showcasing their photos in a creative and fun way, people interested in AI-generated art and design, and individuals looking for a global postcard delivery service.