ChatGPT with superpowers! Sync/search history locally, create folders, export all chats, pin messages, access thousands of prompts

★ Chat Management for ChatGPT:

• 🗂 Folders and reordering for your chats: Create folders easily and organize your chats in folders. Drag and drop files to reorder them or add/remove them to folders. Drop a file in the Trash to automatically delete it.

• 🔁 Auto Sync: Never lose your chats. Automatically sync a copy of all your chats on ChatGPT to your computer

• 📥 Export: Select and Export any number of your chats into multiple formats(.txt, .json, .md)

• 🔎 Search and Highlight: Search through all your previous chats on ChatGPT and highlight results for quick review

• 📌 Pinned Messages: Pin important messages in each conversation and quickly access them using our quick navigation sidebar

• 🗑️ Group Deletion: Select and delete a group of chats on ChatGPT

• 🗃 Archived chats: Easily see the chats you have deleted previously.

• 🕰️ Timestamps: Timestamps for all chats on ChatGPT. Easily switch between "last updated" and "created" time

★ Prompt Management for ChatGPT:

• 🔙 Input History: Every prompt you have ever used is saved privately on your computer. Click on My Prompt History to scroll through all your ChatGPT prompt history, mark them as favorites, or share them with the community

• 🔼🔽 Quick Access: Just use the Up/Down Arrow key in the input box to go through your previous prompts on ChatGPT

• ⭐ Favorite prompts: Mark your prompts as favorite in your prompt history

• 🔍 Search Function: Easily search through your prompt history and hundreds of prompt examples from the ChatGPT community

• 📜 Community Prompts: Get inspiration from hundreds of other prompts created by the ChatGPT Community and share your prompts too. Upvote, downvote, and report prompts, and sort them by the most used or most upvoted. Filter prompts by category and language

• 🎨 Preset prompt management: Add as many preset custom prompts as you like and quickly access them with a click of a button

★ Language and Style for ChatGPT

• 🌍 Language Selection: Change ChatGPT response language with one click (Supports over 190 different languages)

• 🎭 Tone and Style: Change the Tone and the Writing style of ChatGPT Response

★ Utilities for ChatGPT

• 📊 Word and Character Count: Add the word and character counters to both the user input and the ChatGPT responses

• 🎛 Model Switcher: Easily change the model(GPT-4, GPT-3.5, etc.) in the middle of the conversation. Simply hover over the ChatGPT avatar icon to see what model was used for each response

• 📋 Copy and Paste: Easily copy each chat with a click of a button and keep the formatting(support plain text, markdown, and HTML format)

• 🕶️ Copy Mode: Setting to copy either both user input and ChatGPT response or only the chat response

• ⌨️ Short keys: Quickly access your most used features using our growing list of short keys

• ➡️⬅️ Open/close the ChatGPT sidebar for more space on smaller screens

• 🔒 Safe Mode: Disabled ChatGPT moderation by default when Auto-Sync is ON

• ⏫⏬ Scroll to the top/bottom

• 🆕 GPT4 Support: Support GPT4 and shows the number GPT4 requests made based on latest limit from OpenAI

★ Newsletter inside ChatGPT:

• 📰 AI Newsletter: Read our popular daily AI newsletter right inside ChatGPT

• 🗄️ Newsletter Archive: Access the newsletter archive and read all the previous versions