FlowCog is an AI-powered financial modeling software designed primarily for SaaS companies. This tool helps SaaS business owners gain clarity and insight into their growth trajectory and predict their cash runway with confidence. The tool simplifies financial projections, automating the traditionally time-consuming and error-prone process. With FlowCog, businesses can easily generate smart financial models that are accurate, insightful, and backed by sound logic.

FlowCog uses pre-built logic and smart default inputs tailored to the company size that make it easy to generate trusted results, KPIs, and charts with minimum effort. The tool's extensive suite of features includes SaaS benchmarks, headcount auto-generation, scenario analysis, and budget vs actuals. The tool adapts quickly to different SaaS businesses by using relevant onboarding responses to predict the right default inputs that can be easily adjusted.

FlowCog promises a 20-minute onboarding process that includes a quick 10-question form, after which the tool auto-generates your model. Users can also integrate the Ai tool with QuickBooks & Stripe and Google Sheets 2-way sync, port over an existing model, make simulation analysis, and perform Monte Carlo simulations with ease. Other features include beautiful data visualization dashboards, a full set of financial statements, and automatic calculation of SaaS metrics such as monthly recurring revenue, customer lifetime value, cash runway, customer acquisition cost, gross margin, EBITDA, and net income.

FlowCog enables businesses to gain credibility with investors, enabling key business metrics to drive their forecast and business strategy. It offers easy onboarding or onboarding with a finance expert if needed and has a promise of no messy spreadsheet formulas, month-long implementation, or 10,000 hours. Overall, FlowCog is a powerful and worthwhile financial modeling tool that simplifies and automates the financial modeling experience for SaaS businesses.