Flowpoint is an AI-powered website analytics tool aimed at helping website owners and online businesses improve their website conversion rates, SEO, UX/UI, and content engagement. This tool provides actionable insights that lead to data-driven decisions to optimize conversions, prioritize impactful solutions, and enhance ROI with data-driven decisions.

Flowpoint's AI algorithms offer data-driven recommendations that boost sales, registration, or other calls to action. Its cross-domain funnel tracking feature allows website owners to track user interactions and conversion rates across multiple websites.

The tool automatically captures where users click, where they scroll, the time spent on different web sections, and many more. Its lightweight and 5-minute integration reduce the chances of impacting website performance. Additionally, Flowpoint is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Flowpoint provides comprehensive overview of visitors' activities, allowing users to quickly identify pain points on a large scale for efficient allocation of resources. It identifies the most impactful areas for conversion optimization to prioritize resources and boost results.

Flowpoint is ideal for companies looking to make data-driven decisions that grow their business.