A new medium for

presenting ideas.

Powered by AI.

Gamma is an AI-powered tool that simplifies creating stunning and engaging content. With Gamma, users can create polished presentations and documents for anything, even without any design experience. The AI generator automates the first draft from notes to an initial template in under a minute. Gamma also offers one-click templates that allow users to restyle their entire deck in just one click, without having to worry about slide masters or template lock-in. Users can also use a flexible template to work faster.

Gamma provides users with a medium for presenting ideas that is powered by AI. The tool makes it easy to create concise, visual, and interactive content that engages users on any device. The app offers built-in analytics to measure engagement, and quick reactions make it easy for users to get feedback. Users can also share their presentations and documents online with publishing and analytics features.

Gamma enables users to break down walls of text into a beautiful deck of cards that aid comprehension. Bite-sized by design, these cards are easy to understand and stick inside people’s heads, unforgettably. Users can also embed anything, such as GIFs, videos, charts, and websites, to bring their ideas to life. Gamma helps you break ideas down so they become easier to understand, and aids in creating a beautiful, engaging, and interactive medium for presenting ideas with none of the formatting and design work.