hacksocial.ai is an AI-powered platform for social media sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and more, which helps users create meaningful interactions with their audience 100 times faster using AI-assited replies. The primary tool used is GPT-4, which ensures the user never faces writers block on social media again. The platform offers a variety of response types such as Inspirational, Funny, Poem in Reply, Question and Polite Disagreement to help engage with the audience in a more meaningful way. By steering the replies to a specific company, name or brand, the user can generate tailored responses to fit the exact needs. The platform also allows for custom reactions, icebreakers and viral jokes, with a clean design and free updates to help users stay ahead of the game and stand out on social media. With hacksocial.ai, growing on social media is made easy with 100x less effort, allowing users to focus on building better relationships with their audience using AI-powered tools.