Harpa AI: AI-powered No-Code RPA Platform and Web Assistant

HarpaAI is an AI tool and the primary technology discussed on this website. It is an AI-powered No-Code RPA platform that can be used as a web assistant in Google Chrome. The tool can be integrated with Google Search and used to automate web monitoring tasks, generate text using AI, and improve productivity on the web.

Use Cases

HarpaAI can be used in various fields such as Marketing & SEO, Copywriting, Productivity, HR & Recruiting, Product Development, and Spreadsheets.


Privacy by design - the AI tool HARPA runs locally in the browser and does not send your data away.


HarpaAI is highly rated by a number of users, with many reporting increased productivity


If you want to try ChatGPT for yourself, you can download the Chrome extension for free on the ChatGPT website.