Observability for Generative AI

Helicone is an AI tool designed to provide meaningful and insightful analytics for your Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) API usage. Helicone enables tracking of costs, usage, and latency for GPT applications with just one line of code. By integrating models like GPT-4 with Helicone, users can track API requests and visualize results to gain an overview of their applications with an in-built dashboard. Helicone is trusted by leading companies building with OpenAI, including Anthropic, Cohere, and Google AI. Helicone provides key metrics by offering an overview of your application with an in-built dashboard, which is tailor-made for generative AI applications. It allows you to view requests and filter them by properties such as time, users, and custom properties. Additionally, Helicone helps optimize spend by tracking your spending on each model, user, or conversation, allowing you to optimize your API usage and reduce costs. Tools built for savvy developers are also included on Helicone, you can cache requests to save on latency and money, proactively track errors in your application, or handle rate limits and reliability concerns. Helicone is, therefore, a must-have tool for developers using OpenAI who want to stay on top of their GPT-API usage.