Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a state-of-the-art text generation and writing assistant platform. With its advanced AI-powered algorithm, it offers various features for automated content writing such as creating unique, well-researched full-length articles from start to finish, SEO friendly product deions, scroll-stopping captions for Instagram, effective ads for Google & Facebook, fresh and powerful captions for LinkedIn, and bounce-proof headlines & slogans. Its Content Detective feature helps research factual content for articles while the Hypo Chat allows users to chat with AI to generate custom content. Its Hypo Art feature creates stunning images while the Rewrite, Summarize and Brainstorming features help users to repurpose and enhance their content. Moreover, Hypotenuse AI comes with an API that enables businesses to produce deions at scale, making it an ideal AI tool for companies looking to streamline their writing and image generation process.

Hypotenuse AI's prime AI model is GPT-4 which is available on HypoChat. Though there is a generation limit, it grants subscribers the priority to use it.