Jotte is an AI-powered graph-based writing tool aimed at helping content creators generate high-quality, informative, and lengthy content efficiently. It uses nodes and varying specificities of summaries to carry relevant information throughout the writing process, which makes it an ideal tool for creating long-form content.

Jotte is structured in a step-by-step process that revolves around using three types of nodes - top, outline, and text - to create a hierarchy of information, an outline of the story, and finally, the actual content of the story. Each time the content creator finishes a set of text nodes, Jotte summarizes the parent, which increases the consistency and coherence of the content.

The website provides detailed instructions on how to use the tool to maximize its potential, including steps to follow, examples, and animated GIFS. The website also features a mini-map and several controls for zooming, panning, creating, and deleting nodes and edges.

In summary, Jotte is a powerful AI tool that helps content creators write high-quality content faster and more effectively.