June is a product analytics tool that provides auto-generated reports focused on companies. It is designed for B2B SaaS companies to track metrics related to customer acquisition, activation, retention, and user behavior. With June's zero setup feature, users can easily track the right metrics without any complicated setup. June is entirely optimized for measuring companies and diving deep into your metrics. It comes with a company-level metrics feature which allows users to know the companies behind the numbers and dive into company profiles instead of random IDs. June's major benefits are that it's easy to set up, already trusted by next-gen B2B SaaS companies, is an official fastest-growing app on Twilio Segment in 2022, and has an average score of 4.9 on G2. June is the only product analytics tool that is designed for company-level metrics and is a winner of the Golden Kitty Award in 2022 for Data & Analytics in the Product Hunt.