The LightGPT-instruct-6B is an AI language model developed by AWS Contributors based on GPT-J 6B. It is trained to generate text in response to prompts with specific instructions, following a standardized format. This tool is suitable for a wide range of conversational prompts, including those requiring detailed instructions. The model has been fine-tuned on the OIG-small-chip2 instruction dataset, which contains approximately 200K training examples, and is licensed under Apache-2.0. The LightGPT-instruct-6B model recognizes the completion of its response only when the input prompt ends with the token "### Response:\n". The tool is specifically designed for English conversations and can be deployed on Amazon SageMaker using example code provided in the documentation. The model's performance is uated using metrics such as LAMBADA PPL (perplexity), LAMBADA ACC (accuracy), WINOGRANDE, HELLASWAG, PIQA, and GPT-J. While the LightGPT-instruct-6B model has several use cases, it has certain limitations to consider. The model may struggle to follow long instructions while providing incorrect answers to math and reasoning questions. Occasionally, it may generate false or misleading responses as the model lacks contextual understanding and generates responses solely based on the given prompt. Overall, LightGPT is a powerful and free AI tool for generating responses to conversational prompts that require specific instructions.