MacWhisper is an easy-to-use transcribing tool that quickly transforms your audio files into text. With OpenAI's Whisper, MacWhisper accurately transcribes meeting recordings, lectures, and other important audios. 🚀

MacWhisper features simple drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to upload audio files and quickly get an accurate text tranion in seconds. All tranion is done on your device, leaving no data to leave your machine, making it a great app for sensitive audio.

MacWhisper supports an impressive range of features such as .srt & .vtt subtitles export, csv export, audio playback and syncing to trans, supporting 100 different languages, reader mode, star/favorite segments, compact mode (hide timestamps), automatically removing filler words, and more.

MacWhisper Pro comes with additional features, including batch tranion and manually adding speakers to the tran. It supports tiny, base, medium, and large models, offers a one-time payment, and lets you translate audio files into another language.

If you're a journalist, you can get 50% discount by contacting the team at [email protected] and telling them about your work.

MacWhisper is the perfect tool for journalists, students, professionals, and anyone else who needs to quickly transcribe an audio file into text. The app ensures accuracy and speeds up productivity, allowing you to stay focused on the content rather than struggling to take notes.

Download MacWhisper today and take the hassle out of transcribing! 💯