MagicSlides App is an AI Tool that helps to create professional presentations quickly and easily. With this app, users can say good-bye to boring, laborious presentation making and let the computer do the work. It can integrate into Google Slides and generate slides with all the features you need. Experience MagicSlides transform any text into captivating visuals complete with images for extra impact. Users can craft custom presentations with only a topic and slide count and personalize with reference text for a unique touch. This app allows users to make their presentations look good with different themes, font choices, color palettes, and layouts. Users can generate presentation slithes with AI in four simple steps, i.e., Install MagicSlides from the Google Workspace Marketplace, Open MagicSlides App by visiting slide.new, Enter Topic of Presentation and Slide Count, Enter some text to be used in the slides, and click on the Generate button. MagicSlides app supports all languages.