Nextatlas Generate is a generative trend forecasting service powered by large language models and the Nextatlas engine. It uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and predict future trends in a wide range of industries and markets. The key feature of Nextatlas Generate is its ability to understand and interpret human language. This means that users can ask it questions in natural language and it will provide accurate and relevant answers. The AI tool can provide data-backed insights and predictions on various topics such as emerging target interests, values, occasions, and their impact on key industries and markets. It generates reports with easy-to-use data visualization and timeline graphs that offer predicted growth to understand the evolution of the topics of interest (past, present, and future). Users can also complement their generative reporting with relevant social media examples or beautiful AI-generated moodboards for inspiration. Nextatlas Generate is anchored in the collective intelligence of over 300k cross-industry innovators, providing a solid ground truth for accurate predictions.