OpenDream - AI Art Generator

OpenDream is an AI-powered Art Generator that aims to democratize graphic design and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experience. The platform is designed to create stunning, professional-quality images based on user input and is perfect for those who want to create graphics without the need for advanced design skills or expensive software.

Key Features:

  • Free of charge: OpenDream is available to all users without any fees, making graphic design accessible to everyone.
  • Lightning Quick: Utilizes A100 graphics processing units (GPUs) for servers, with an average generating time of 4 seconds. It allows queuing of up to 20 images and generating up to 3 simultaneously.
  • Advanced AI Tools: Offers four AI models for constructing, improving, refining, altering, and expanding upon images. Users can adjust complex settings to create the masterpieces just how they want them.

OpenDream can be accessed through a preferred web browser, and it requires no downloads or installations. Users can simply log in using their email or Facebook credentials, and start creating images using the powerful AI algorithms. The generated images can be downloaded in various formats for personal or commercial use.