AiPassportPhotos is an AI-powered image editing tool that allows users to remove background from photos, blur the image background, and enhance photo quality in a few clicks. With its advanced AI technology, AiPassportPhotos works like a real magician to blur the background in any picture, creating a blur effect as good as DSLR cameras. This AI tool comes with smart focus functionality to automatically identify which area to remain clear and in focus and which to blend into the background. AiPassportPhotos enables users to hide locations and surrounding objects to protect privacy and even hide other persons in document photos by making unnecessary elements fade away into the background. This AI tool is perfect for photographers, content creators, e-commerce shops, and app/website graphics who want to create high-quality images without the need for expensive tools or camera lenses. The AI technology of AiPassportPhotos also allows users to customize editing, adjust the level of image blur, and choose from 6 different levels of blurring effects to highlight the portrait. Create a misty effect for your content background with a few clicks and within a couple of seconds!