Pickaxe is a platform that allows users to build, manage, and deploy custom AI applications with ease. With its no-code, intuitive interface, users can inject AI prompts into their own website, data, and workflow in minutes. The AI tool supports various generative models such as GPT-4, ChatGPT, GPT3, DALL-E 2, and Stable Diffusion being constantly updated. It can be used to train AI to use PDFs, websites, and documents as context for its responses. Pickaxe also allows you to customize and embed your own AI prompts easily on your website, Google Sheets, or access through their API. Using the visual-prompt framing builder doesn't require technical knowledge, and non-technical users will find it easy to use. With Pickaxe, users can make a Pickaxe for anything such as catering business, event planning, and screenwriting. Pickaxe provides three simple steps to start AI generation:

1. Write your prompt

2. Give your prompt an interface

3. Share it anywhere with anyone

Pickaxe also provides users with templates such as Code Error Explainer, Rephrase your phrase, Ask a Greek Philosopher, Personality Test, Review These Terms & Conditions and many more. One can create their own AI applications in less than 5 minutes with Pickaxe. Overall, Pickaxe is a powerful AI Tool that is user-friendly and can help generate AI applications quickly, with no code needed.