Use Pigro API to boost your ChatGPT retri plugin: native support for Office-like files and PDFs, advanced text chunking based on semantics and document structure, document expansion techniques based on generative AI, hybrid search, and multi-language.

OpenAI text chunking services split the text according to punctuation marks every 200 words. 

But to get accurate ChatGPT answers from your documents, it is necessary to split the text respecting its original context.

Our AI-based text chunking considers:

- the document's look and structure, such as page layout, headings, tables, lists, images, etc. 

- the semantics, keeping related sentences together and splitting where needed.

Besides that, our API works natively with Office-like documents, PDFs, HTML, and plain text.

In addition, we expand each of your content with generative AI: we create all the possible questions that can be answered within the content. 

A combination of keyword and semantic search with meaningful text chunking could improve answers' accuracy by more than 10%.