Polarr Copilot: AI-Powered Creative Assistance

Polarr Copilot is a suite of AI-powered creative assistance tools that help users create stunning photos, videos, and designs by generating innovative concepts and designs based on text inputs. Polarr Copilot is available for Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Design, with each copilot featuring a range of prompts and features that allow users to easily transform their visions into reality.

Photo Editing Copilot

Polarr’s Photo Editing Copilot is designed to help users bring their photo editing visions to life with ease. Users can describe the edits they want, and the Copilot will convert text prompts into the desired aesthetic outcomes. With advanced features like background edits and color adjustments, the Photo Editing Copilot makes it easy for users to experiment with new aesthetics and achieve desired edits faster than ever before.

Video Editing Copilot

The 24FPS Copilot is designed to help users create cinematic videos with ease. With advanced transitions and impressive effects, the Video Editing Copilot makes it easy for users to create stunning video content. By describing the edits they want, like adding progress bars or special effects, the Copilot generates innovative concepts following user inputs.

Design Copilot

Polarr’s Design Copilot generates customized social media posts based on user inputs. By describing the desired images and providing a prompt, users can easily generate professional design templates for digital assets, such as social media posts.

Polarr Copilots continuously improve by learning from the hundreds of millions of community-generated edits made in Polarr and 24FPS to create high resolution outputs, photorealistic workflows, and variations to select the best results.

Polarr Community

Polarr is committed to creating a safe and inclusive community of creators by fostering an environment of creativity and safety. The Polarr Copilots include measures to prevent harmful or unsafe edits, and Polarr welcomes feedback to help improve the services offered.

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