Prodigy is an AI Tool developed and marketed by Prodigy, which is aimed at improving the careers of software engineers. 🧑‍💻

Prodigy offers a range of AI-based tools that are designed to help software engineers build better careers, increase their pay rate, and find the best jobs that match their profiles. These tools include:

- AI Career Coach: A free AI-powered chatbot that acts as an engineering manager, providing relevant and specific advice aimed at helping developers achieve career success based on specific career goals. With this tool, developers can easily get career advice in a fun way.

- AI Challenger: Prodigy's AI Challenger assesses the core dev skills of a software engineer and ranks them globally against their peers. This tool is designed to help engineers rapidly progress through quick-fire challenges.

- AI Platform: With the AI Platform, Prodigy is building an AI platform that scouts all open engineering jobs to bring developers the ones that match them best. Prodigy's AI Platform ensures that developers have access to the best job opportunities without wasting any time applying for engineering jobs that don't quite fit.

Privacy is important to Prodigy, and so the company offers custom profile visibility to prevent a user's current employer from snooping. Prodigy ensures that its AI tools are 100% free and users' privacy is upheld in the process.

Prodigy's AI-based tools are ideal for software engineers, developers, or anyone looking to advance their career in the tech industry. 🚀