Promptly is a no-code AI app builder that helps to create cutting-edge generative AI applications and chatbots in minutes, without any coding. It supports all major model providers, including OpenAI, Cohere, Stability AI, Hugging Face, and more. Promptly allows users to chain multiple models together to create powerful generative applications from multiple providers. Users can import their own data and connect it to LLM models to supercharge their generative AI applications and chatbots. It supports a wide variety of data sources, including Web URLs, Sitemaps, PDFs, Audio, PPTs, and more. Promptly also provides embeddable chat widgets that can be easily integrated into websites to build conversational AI applications or chatbots, and users can customize the chatbot look and feel to match their websites. With Promptly, users can build their own ChatGPT with their own data and embed it on their website, just by uploading their data as a PDF, pptx, media files, or by pointing to the website or sitemap.xml.