Question Base AI Tool

Question Base is an AI-powered internal support automation tool ideal for hybrid work, designed to reduce workload on internal support teams, increase team productivity and efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. The AI tool is designed to answer repetitive internal support questions within Slack in real-time.

Question Base uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) technology to capture new answers to the backlog automatically as the team chats, surfacing valuable insights from existing conversations in Slack. The tool provides instant, accurate answers – within 3 seconds – to internal support questions across different teams and departments, reducing dependencies, and improving team collaboration.

The tool is highly versatile and ideal for different departments such as product, engineering, HR, sales, and support, facilitating faster onboarding of new hires, reducing risks of human error, bridging CX with product, and increasing automation of internal support. There is no installation required, and it is easy to implement, and users can start using it immediately in Slack.

Question Base is currently used by 200+ companies, including Corpay One and Citizen of One, and is an innovative solution that helps scale-up businesses automate their internal support while keeping the documentation up-to-date with little effort.

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